Patriots Veteran Publicly Supports Replacing QB Mac Jones

The New England Patriots face serious issues at this point of the season and fans are already talking about replacing Mac Jones. The second-year quarterback had brilliant first season with the Patriots, but he seems to struggle a lot this season.

Bailey Zappe replaced Jones early in the season and he did a decent job as his replacement. Jones returned to game action, but fans are disappointed. He throw for 2,310 yards, seven touchdowns, and eight interceptions. New England sits outside the playoff picture and Bill Belichick is not happy with the 7-7 record.

Belichick doesn’t talk about replacing Mac Jones

Will Belichick even consider replacing Jones? Trent Brown seems to be fan of this trade. He liked a post suggesting that Belichick should sign Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Patriots suffered a terrible loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Fans were really disappointed, but Belichick wants them to be united.

“Stay united,” team captain Matthew Slater told the media. “You lose a game like this, a lot of teams turn on each other, start pointing fingers. There’s going to be people seeking to divide this team, seeking to tear it down, and we have to rise above all that.

“We can’t be divided. I think there will be a lot of folks throwing a lot of stones. We just have to keep believing in one another. We can’t turn on each other, and just stay the course. Obviously, it goes without saying, it’s tough losing a game like that, but it’s nobody’s fault. We win as a team, lose as a team and we’ve just got to keep fighting.”

Belichick has yet to make a decision on his quarterback. He may even keep Jones at QB. One particular play caught everyone’s attention. Reporters asked Belichick why the Patriots didn’t throw a hail mary. His response? The Patriots offense “couldn’t throw it that far.” Did he criticize Jones’ arm strength?

“I think Coach Belichick makes the coaching decision there,” Jones said when asked about the throw. “So we put a lot of emphasis on it and work really hard at it. Just got to do better execution as players.”