Rich Paul Addresses Criticism Surrounding Lakers’ Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis missed a lot of time in the last two seasons, but Rich Paul trusts his potential. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has a bigger role this season and he can easily win the NBA MVP award this time. AD is prone to injuries, but he plays his best basketball this season. He is averaging 27.7 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. Impressive, right?

Anthony Davis is all-in when it comes to winning

Davis’ agent talked about the Lakers big man during an interview with Sam Schube of GQ. Paul mentioned the media and the way reporters handle new information. He knows the NBA really well and yes, has a few good reasons to trust his client.

“Well, I think the first thing is, you’ve got to understand media,” Paul said. “And I think the media has the job. Some of it’s scripted, some of it’s based on analytics, some of it’s based on viewership. When you talk about these topics, you see a rise in the viewership. And so the media, as it pertains to any player, but [especially] AD, is going to kick you when you down.

“Over the last couple years, he’s had some really freak situations. Guy gets pushed into his knee. And then I think the one before that, or the year before that, was a hamstring or a groin, whatever it was. Those are the things that happen when you play the sport. People act like, ‘Oh, he’s just hoping to go out and get injured.’ Or, ‘The guy don’t want to play.’ It’s stupidity at times, but that’s what comes with it. But for me, it’s always been the same as with any guy, especially at that level. There’s no doubt in the talent, and in the ability to play the game at the high level—I think he’s shown that.”

Rich Paul motivates Anthony Davis

Some don’t really like the idea of seeing Davis carry the team on his back. Should the Lakers consider adding new players? Paul wants his client to “keep pushing” and do his job. Davis is one of the better players in the NBA and his game is sharper than ever. Hopefully, he will stay healthy and finish the season with a win.

“My message is the same: keep pushing,” Paul said. “And my message has been the same with him: He’s a guy you got to play through. I don’t care who’s on your team, you got to play through him because he’s the one guy that, in most cases, is going to have a mismatch on the floor every night.”