Bill Belichick Handling Of Mac Jones ‘Won’t Play Well’ In Patriots Locker Room

Bill Belichick decided to trust Mac Jones last season and even gave him the keys to the offense. Jones did well in his first season as a Patriots quarterback. However, things didn’t go too well in his second year with the Patriots.

Greg Bedard from Boston Sports Journal believes that Belichick should change his treatment of Jones.

“That Belichick declined to endorse Mac Jones as the starting QB in 2023 likely won’t play well in the locker room,” Bedard wrote on January 10. “The players understand that Jones and the offense were put in terrible positions by Belichick this season. Hopefully he takes more accountability for that in private because that’s how you lose players, and many were disillusioned from the start about the changes. Several players were not happy with how Belichick handled Jones with the Bailey Zappe situation, especially against the Bears — there are lingering feelings about that.”

Bill Belichick made a decision on Mac Jones

Belichick changed the coaching staff and some players were unhappy with these changes. Matt Patricia caused a big stir and he even had issues Patriots veterans.

“Players don’t believe they were put in a position to succeed,” Bedard wrote. “And one believes that if they had kept the same blocking system as last season, the team would have had half the sacks and negative plays that killed the offense this season. That was a coaching decision, and [team owners] the Krafts are well aware of the situation.”

Jones may have had issues in 2022, but Patriots players liked his attitude on and off the field. Belichick benched him early in the season and Jones didn’t let this affect his confidence.

“[Jones] just showed who he was as a person, honestly, not even just a football player,” Meyers said, according to NESN’s Zack Cox. “I know one of my memories from the year is just seeing him out there playing while you hear other people chanting another quarterback’s name. That’s something tough to deal with, but he didn’t really complain. He strapped his chin strap up the next play and went back to work. So I’m proud of him.”