Lakers May Trade For 27-Year-Old $301 Million Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to many players lately, but they haven’t done much in the last few months. NBA experts criticized the front office for the lack of movement on the market. It seems like Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka is willing to change this as he may soon trade for a top superstar.

Zach Lowe from ESPN discussed the idea of seeing Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine put on a Lakers jersey.

“The name that has become more interesting to me as the season has gone on and it’s become clearer and clearer that the Bulls are not gonna get it together is LaVine,” Lowe said on January 27. “Who is a Klutch client, who is on a gigantic contract, who I know there has been some thought about with people around the Lakers as a potential trade/that’s kind of our cap space acquisition. Obviously, they sacrificed a lot of cap space potentially on Hachimura, which I read that also as a signal that maybe the Kyrie thing is over for them too.”

Strong superstar shows great interest in a potential Lakers trade

Getting LaVine makes sense on so many levels. He is an excellent player and LeBron James will get a chance to join forces with a strong player. Rich Paul represents LaVine which brings him even closer to LeBron. LaVine is a winner, but his team hasn’t won too many games this season. Chicago may soon move on from the 27-year-old and send him straight to LA.

LaVine could embrace this scenario sooner than expected. Sean Deveney from Heavy Sports shared the comments made by an Eastern Conference exec and it goes all the way to LA. According to this executive, LaVine would love to join the Lakers. This deal will make things easier for everyone.

LaVine wants to go to the Lakers, that has been pretty clear for a while now,” the exec said. “The agents (from Klutch Sports) want him to be in Los Angeles, he is a UCLA guy and they did some rattling about his contract last offseason, to kind of lay the groundwork if things blew up. Which they seem to be doing.”