LeBron James Blasts Lakers: ‘Y’all Know What The F— Should Be Happening’

LeBron James should be happy with the fact that his team has won five straight games, but he blasts the Los Angeles Lakers instead. Why?

LeBron didn’t do much to force his team to make major moves in the offseason. The Lakers front office was pretty quiet this past summer. Yes, LeBron expressed his concerns about the situation and shared a lot of cryptic messages in the last few months. The four-time NBA champion discussed the Lakers roster and all the changes his team has to make in an interview with Sam Amick from The Athletic.

King James admits that the Lakers have a terrible situation. LeBron came to LA to get a few rings and he has only won one title during his stint with the Lakers. The Lakers didn’t even get any near the NBA Finals in the last few seasons. LeBron believes that general manager Rob Pelinka should make some changes and get the players his team needs. It’s time for real action!

“Y’all know what the f- should be happening,” the Lakers superstar said in his interview.

LeBron James blasts the Lakers for a reason

Lakers players are winning games and LeBron wants a stronger backup. The team ranks 12th in the Western Conference, sitting well outside the playoff picture. They didn’t have too many injuries this season, but Anthony Davis’ absence got everyone worried. LeBron missed time, too.

LeBron agreed to take a step back and let AD get the leading role. His game is elite, but he is fine with other players taking the lead. When it comes to numbers, LeBron averages 29.1 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game while going 51% from the field and 29.5% from beyond the perimeter.

Pelinka has enough time to make a change. He could do more next offseason.

“That is the big hope there…They want to hold onto those picks, they want to get everybody healthy, they want to let all their bad contracts expire, they want to get someone in free agency that they can get LeBron excited about—unless they can make a miracle happen at the trade deadline and bring in a big name that way,” a Western Conference told Sean Deveney. “If that does not happen, they will be in position in the summer to get Kyrie Irving or Draymond Green, or maybe both if they make the numbers work.”