NFL Insider Calls Patriots Trading For Aaron Rodgers ‘Very Belichickian’

The New England Patriots decided to trust Mac Jones, but he was bad in 2022. Aaron Rodgers has been giving the Patriots a really hard time over the years, but several analysts believe that Bill Belichick’s team should be trading for the star quarterback.

Peter King was among the first to discuss the potential trade for Rodgers. Truth is, King has a few great scenarios for Rodgers, and one of them sends the Green Bay Packers quarterback to New England. Adam Schefter from ESPN reported that Rodgers may on his way out and his report sure motivated King.

“The possibilities are delicious,” King said. “Rodgers to the Jets, maybe re-teaming with ex-Pack aide Nathaniel Hackett, who has interviewed for the New York offensive coordinator job. Or Rodgers to the Patriots, which seems very Belichickian, to perhaps give Mac Jones two learning seasons in the shadows. Rodgers to Vegas, if Tom Brady doesn’t beat him there. Or Rodgers to Seattle, which is seventh in cap room in 2023 and has four picks in the draft’s top 55. You could think of 10 more.”

Patriots head coach would consider trading for Aaron Rodgers

Belichick has nothing but words of praise for Rodgers. He had a few good lessons for Patriots players and coach B really appreciates his potential. Rodgers has an excellent career in the NFL and will soon hit his next milestone. The NFL world is waiting for Rodgers’ 60,000 passing yards. He has 475 passing TDs and 105 interceptions. Rodgers won four MVP awards and made the Pro Bowl 10 times. He is also a four-time All-Pro.

“I’d say in the end, Rodgers is just too good,” Belichick said. “He made some throws that only Rodgers can make. We had pretty good coverage on some of those, and he’s just too smart, too good, too accurate, and in the end, he got us. We just couldn’t quite do enough in the other areas to quite offset it. … He’s just a great, great player, and he made some great plays.”