NFL World Reacts To Bill Belichick Player Suspension Announcement

The New England Patriots suspended Jake Bailey and Jack Jones for the final game of the regular season. Both suspensions reverted to Dec. 31 and players ended up on reserve/suspended list. Head coach Bill Belichick shared his take on Bailey’s suspension and yes, it was a typical Belichick response.

A NFL reporter asked Belichick about this particular suspension and the head coach didn’t really want to address the situation. He just said Bailey wasn’t available for the final game of the season. It’s interesting to say that Bailey’s agent called this suspension unwarranted and the reporter wanted a comment from the Patriots head coach. All he received was a big “no.”

The NFL world exploded and a lot of people supported Belichick.

“Who cares. Having Bailey wouldn’t have made a difference today,” one fan wrote.

“Time to look for available punters. This will be a mess,” one fan added.

“Bill deserves this ..he prides himself on ST and loves to hand out contracts for gunners and kickers and his ST cost him this season,” one fan added.So, why did the Patriots suspend Bailey?

The punter returned to practice from injured reserve Dec. 21. He ended up on injured reserve Nov.19 due to a back injury. Mike Reiss from ESPN was among the first to report that the Patriots suspended Bailey “due to differing viewpoints on if Bailey was ready to return to game action.”

Bill Belichick finished the season with a double suspension

When it comes to Jones, he has already emptied belongings from his locker. The Patriots suspended him for missing rehabilitation appointment. His agent, Jamal Tooson, said the suspension was “miscommunication.”

Bailey is in a bad situation at the moment. He inked a four-year $13.5 million extension in August and this suspension may threaten future guarantees on his contract. Let’s see how this unfolds. Belichick doesn’t like to talk about issues outside his field action. Suspension? Injuries? He won’t say a thing about it.

Bailey is a good player, but he didn’t get a chance to finish his season with the Patriots.