Patriots Sign Versatile Wide Receiver To Future Contract Ahead Of Free Agency

The New England Patriots didn’t have much success in the 2022 NFL season and head coach Bill Belichick is already working on his next roster. NFL players are entering free agency and Belichick wanted to secure his good guys. According to recent sources, the Patriots have signed a talented wide receiver ahead of free agency.

Reports confirmed that the Patriots decided to give WR Lynn Bowden a chance to show his true skills once again. Bowden earned his contract with the Patriots, same as most members of Belichick’s practice unit.

The Patriots got Bowden from Miami. He spent the regular season on the practice unit, but the Patriots elevated him once. In the Week 14 game against the Indianapolis Colts, Bowden played 14 offensive snaps and the team actually won the game. It wasn’t a huge contribution, but Bolden was part of the win.

NFL experts have great expectations for Bowden despite the fact that he’s still an unproven player. Yes, he has great skills and talent, but the NFL world has to see him in action. Bowden had great performance at Kentucky which is why the Patriots decided to give him a shot. Belichick likes versatile players and Bowden is pretty experienced in this aspect. He played running back who also returned punts and kickoffs on the field. Bowden really looks someone who deserves a spot on the Patriots roster.

Patriots sign the talented wide receiver before someone else snatches him in free agency

Bowden has been trying to make a name for himself from the very first moment he joined the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders selected him in 2020. They snatched a player who had just won the Paul Hornung Award. This is not a regular award, remember? It’s given to the most efficient versatile player in college football. In other words, Bowden is the right player to join the 2023 roster. Let’s see if he finds a way to make bigger impact this season. Belichick kept him around for a reason. Hopefully, he won’t spoil this opportunity. Share your bets on this one!