D’Angelo Russell Sends Strong Message To Lakers After Blockbuster Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers parted ways with Russell Westbrook and got a brand new player, someone who could actually contribute to the game. D’Angelo Russell is more than happy to be part of the Lakers trade and he has just delivered a big message for his new squad.

Rob Pelinka and the front office didn’t make too many moves in the offseason. However, they switched the script and sent Westbrook flying. They had to give up on a first-round pick as well. I guess the Lakers are fine with losing a first-rounder. It was an efficient three-team deal and the Lakers got the best of it.

“LakerLand Whagwan,” Russell tweeted.

We understand his excitement. The Lakers selected Russell, but he made a few stops in the NBA. The franchise traded him to the Brooklyn Nets and he ended up playing with the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves. He is back now!

D’Angelo Russell trade was the right thing for the Lakers

Dave McMenamin believes that things worked really well for the Lakers this time. Losing Westbrook wasn’t such a big deal after all. McMenamin insists that Westbrook was actually the “vampire” in the locker room.

“This was the time to do it,” McMenamin said on ESPN’s NBA Today. “Russell Westbrook was not gonna be part of the team after this summer when his contract expired. And also when his contract came off the books, the Lakers would have less money to deal with in the free agency period this summer. So you had to do it if you wanted to get those pieces you could have part of the team moving forward. You get younger, you got shooting, you got switchable defenders, and as one source told me, you remove a vampire from the locker room. That meaning a vampire sucks the blood out of the locker room. Russell Westbrook moves on.”

The Lakers have great plans for the second half of their season. Let’s see if Russell finds his spot on Darvin Ham’s roster. He could help the team handle their shooting issues.