Julian Edelman Gives Patriots Players Heads-Up About Coach Bill O’Brien

The New England Patriots hired Bill O’Brien, and obviously, former wide receiver Julian Edelman had something to say about it. Edelman knows O’Brien really well. He wanted to make things clear for everyone. Is O’Brien the best person to take this position? Absolutely. Edelman and O’Brien worked together for three years and yes, they went through over the years.

According to Edelman, O’Brien has his own way of expressing himself.

“He used to yell at me a lot,” Edelman said during his appearance on NBC Sports Boston’s Early Edition. “He’d always find one rookie — my rookie year it was me — that he would just get on. But Billy O. is the kind of guy that if he shows you affection, if he’s yelling at you, that means he loves you. The times that he’s not talking to you, or if he’s not yelling at you, that’s when you’ve got to be worried. He’s a very emotional guy.”

Julian Edelman wants Bill O’Brien to lead the offense

So, Patriots players should be happy if O’Brien yells at them. I guess they have to pay attention to his moon whenever he’s around. Edelman knows a lot about the Patriots OC and players better listen to him.

The former Patriots receiver was just joking. Edelman was among the first to support O’Brien’s arrival in New England. He believes that hiring him is a big deal for every Patriots player. O’Brien has great experience and he will definitely boost the offense. He could easily become a head coach this offseason. Well, the Patriots were lucky enough to get him.

O’Brien sure got some offers, but he decided to join the Patriots. It was the best decision he could do at this point. O’Brien spent a lot of time at the sideline and his experience will push players in the right direction. That’s exactly what head coach Bill Belichick needs at this point. A strong assistant who can help him lead the team to the Super Bowl. The Patriots lost too many games in the last few years, right?