LeBron James’ Son Takes Shot At Lakers Front Office

LeBron James hasn’t said much about the most recent trade the Los Angeles Lakers made, but his son didn’t miss the chance to speak his mind.

The Lakers took part in a three-team trade. They did business with the Utah Jazz and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Russell Westbrook is officially out of the team and LeBron’s middle son, Bryce Maximus, had something to say about it.

Young Bryce just shared a photo of Westbrook and added a big “L”. So, who is the loser in this one? The Lakers front office for losing Russ? Maybe Westbrook is the loser here… Well, this will definitely be a big topic in the next few days.

We saw this coming. Westbrook struggled in his first season with the team. Many thought that Rob Pelinka will trade him in the offseason. The Lakers decided to keep him around for another year. A lot of things changed though. Darvin Ham turned Russ into a bench player. No one thought that talented Russ will embrace this role, but hey, he did a decent job in his new position.

LeBron has yet to match the comments his son made on the Lakers trade

The Lakers had to figure things out and find players who could perform better than Russ. The Lakers fanbase was fed up with him. He wasn’t a fan favorite, that’s a sure bet.

Dave McMenamin discussed the Westbrook trade and he is a fan! According to McMenamin, Westbrook was nothing but a vampire in the Lakers locker room.

“Russell Westbrook was not gonna be part of the team after this summer when his contract expired. And also, when his contract came off the books, the Lakers would have less money to deal with in the free agency period this summer,” McMenamin said, “So you had to do it if you wanted to get those pieces you could have part of the team moving forward. You get younger, you got shooting, you got switchable defenders, and as one source told me, you remove a vampire from the locker room. That meaning a vampire sucks the blood out of the locker room. Russell Westbrook moves on.”