Patriots Legend Calls Out Mac Jones Again

The New England Patriots are coming off of a terrible season. It was frustrating on so many levels and one Patriots legend decided to call out Mac Jones again. Is Jones responsible for the mess?

Truth is, Jones was more efficient in his first season as a quarterback. He struggled in 2022 and Julian Edelman can’t hide his disappointment.

Jones wasn’t happy with his performance either. Well, Edelman said what he had to say.

The 2018 Super Bowl MVP went on the “Pardon My Take” to talk about the season and yes, he called out Jones. Again. Jones finished the season with average numbers. He threw for 2,997 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

“He’s a good kid, but you see people and who they really are when (expletive) is hitting the fan and you can’t do that as a quarterback,” Edelman said. “He’s a young guy and his situation that he was in — I’m not saying it was an easy situation, especially having Matty P calling plays. But everyone is watching you when you’re the quarterback. There’s something to be said about that, and there’s a standard. There’s rules.

“Don’t come at me saying, ‘Oh, well Brady,’ Brady had like three Super Bowls when (expletive) showed up a coach for one — for the first time. Not showed up a coach, but he got into an argument with someone and showed emotion. You can’t do that, especially when you’re still trying to learn who you are.”

The Patriots legend criticized Mac Jones in 2022

Edelman talked about Jones in Week 15, too. The New England Patriots lost the game to Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders.

“Season’s on the line,” Edelman said on “Inside the NFL.” ” … You’ve gotta trip him.”

Brandon Marshall tried to “save the situation,” but Edelman pulled out his jokes.

“He doesn’t practice all the antics after plays, and waving off coaches and all these little pissy faces and stuff,” Edelman said. “He doesn’t practice that and he does it. Why can’t he make the tackle?”

Let’s see if Edelman’s remarks affect Jones’ future with the Patriots.