Patriots Super Bowl Hero Hints At Revealing Reason for Infamous Benching

NFL fans will always remember the infamous Malcolm Butler benching in the Super Bowl. It was quite a mystery. Bill Belichick didn’t reveal much about the reasons he had to bench Butler. The talented player didn’t reveal much either.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will meet in the Super Bowl this year, and yes, someone brought Butler’s benching again.

“Like I always say, man, it was a coaching decision,” Butler told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Zolak & Bertrand” show. “It was a coach’s decision. But I really don’t know, man. There’s a documentary coming out where I’m talking about all that. I did that with some of the guys in New England. And I’ve got a book coming out, also, so I ain’t going to spill the beans right now. But it’ll be something to look forward to.”

Butler’s Super Bowl benching will be a huge topic for years

Belichick made a decision without sharing too many details. According to Butler, the Patriots head coach never actually gave him an explanation.

“(Belichick) didn’t give me an explanation,” the veteran said, “But all the rumors that were going around (about) why I didn’t play — if I did something so bad, why did I come back?”

The Patriots decided to give Butler another chance in 2022. His return to New England was making headlines for quite some time. Why did the Patriots sign him again?

“That probably could have been why,” said Butler. “But I’m just going to be me anyway. I’m a respectable guy. I’m not going to bring no attention to myself if I don’t need to. But you never know who you’re going to meet or where you’ve got to go back to. You’re probably right. It was just a respect thing or whatever.”

Butler made great impact in New England and fans are grateful for everything he accomplished on the field. He is a true hero and the team brought him back for a reason.

New England faces a big challenge this offseason. They have to repair the damage players and coaches made in 2022.