LeBron James’ Future With Lakers Depends On Anthony Davis Trade

Anthony Davis and LeBron James make the best duo in league history and experts believe their future moves are strongly connected.

The Los Angeles Lakers had a few bad seasons and the front office may make huge changes in the offseason. Will Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka move on from LeBron and AD?

LeBron came to LA to get his rings. The Lakers won just one title in the last few years. LeBron can’t hide his frustration and he is also dealing with a bad injury. His walking boot is off and doctors will reevaluate him in ten days. The four-time NBA champion will probably return to the floor. Will he make the playoffs this season?

If the Lakers continue their struggle, LeBron may be forced to go somewhere else. There’s a catch though. He wouldn’t leave his buddy behind. LeBron brought Davis to LA and he won’t just abandon him.

LeBron and Davis share similar future plans

Sean Deveney from Heavy Sports discussed the topic with a few execs. According to him, LeBron will leave the team only if Buss sends Davis away.

“He has an obligation to Anthony Davis, and the only way he gets dealt is if Davis gets dealt, too,” a Western Conference executive told Deveney. “They do not necessarily have to go to the same place, but LeBron is largely responsible for AD being in Los Angeles and is not going to abandon him there. So, if Davis can go to [the] Chicago [Bulls] or [the] Milwaukee  [Bucks] or somewhere like that, where he would be happy, then LeBron could look to go elsewhere, too.”

Davis blames himself for the loss

The Lakers broke their three-win streak with a loss to the New York Knicks. Davis said he was responsible for the loss. Well, it wasn’t his fault. Dennis Schroder and other players wouldn’t agree with him. Everyone is responsible for the mess.

“My play,” the big man said after the loss. “I played terrible. Couldn’t find my shot: free throws, layups, everything. The guys did their job. I didn’t do my job tonight.”