Malik Beasley Sends Bold Message To D’Angelo Russell Following Lakers Win

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t have the best start of the 2022-23 season, but players regained full control over the situation. Anthony Davis was visibly frustrated following the loss to the New York Knicks and he was more than happy to see his team beat the New Orleans Pelicans. Lakers players tried really hard to beat their opponents. Malik Beasley was a bright star on the floor and D’Angelo Russell was there to support him.

“Me and him been playing for a while now,” Beasley said in the postgame press conference. “So, I know his game. I know when he’s gonna pass it to me. I know when it’s his turn to get busy. But, for both of us, we just want to have success for both of us. If he’s hot, I’m cheering him on. If I’m hot, he’s cheering me on. To have a guard like that in your backcourt, that’s cheering you on, is huge. And, it gives me confidence, and I’m pretty sure the same from him.”

D’Angelo Russell wasn’t the only Lakers player to hype Malik Beasley

Anthony Davis has nothing but great words for Beasley. He praised his three-point shooting and the fact that Beasley “opens the floor up” for Lakers players. Beasley is an efficient shooter and his skills boost Darvin Ham’s game plan in every possible way.

“After shootaround today, he got a lot of threes up, and it showed,” Davis said, “He’s very hard on himself, and as far as shooting the basketball, he never wants to miss two in a row. And he came out on fire. Anytime he’s making shots, it just opens the floor up more for all our guys to get to the basket. Even when he’s missing, I mean, you still got to respect him as a shooter. But when he’s making, he gets very hot, and the rim gets very big for him.”

The Lakers don’t rank high in NBA rankings, but experts wouldn’t write them off. They still have a chance to make the playoffs!