Patriots Reportedly Re-Sign CB Jonathan Jones Ahead Of Free Agency

The New England Patriots didn’t let one of their better players go and made a move to re-sign Jonathan Jones.

Jones, 29, secured his future with the Patriots right on time. NFL teams didn’t stand a chance in this one. Head coach Bill Belichick was determined to keep the talented cornerback on his team. According to Ian Rapoport and a few other sources, Jones will sign a two-year deal worth $20 million.

The cornerback made a name for himself. He spent his entire career with the Patriots and Belichick found the perfect way to use his versatility. The Patriots head coach appreciates versatile players more than anything in the world and Jones did his best to earn his trust.

Patriots re-sign Jonathan Jones, plan to give him bigger role in 2023

It’s interesting to note that Belichick rewarded Jones with a new role in 2022. He played in the slot for six straight seasons. He did really well and Belichick made him a starting outside cornerback in 2022. Jones made some mistake in his first season as a starter, but the Patriots were more than happy with his effort.

Stefon Diggs used his experience against the Patriots cornerback, but Jones tried hard to beat his opponent. He allowed 100.1 receiving yards per game and four touchdowns. In the other 13 games, Jones allowed 18.9 yards per game and two TDs. We can definitely say he was one of the more efficient players on the 2022 roster. What happens in 2023? Belichick sure has great players for his player.

“Jon’s had a lot of good games for us,” Belichick said last November. “Jon’s one of our best players.”

Belichick will have another busy offseason. Picking the right role for Jones should be a piece of cake for him. Replacing Devin McCourty is also an option. The McCourty twin has just announced his retirement. He leaves a big void on the Patriots roster. Will Jones step in as his replacement? McCourty was sure happy to see Jones sign another deal with the Patriots. They have found a true gem in him.