Patriots Top Cornerback Returns After Testing Free Agency

Jonathan Jones tried his chances in free agency, but the talented cornerback made his way back to the New England Patriots.

The Patriots re-signed the cornerback and he will get a two-year deal worth $19 million. Ian Rapoport was among the first to confirm the signing.

Jones was a key starter in 2022. He led the secondary and head coach Bill Belichick decided to reward his performance. Jones is on his third deal with the team and we have a feeling that the Patriots won’t let him go in the near future.

The Patriots gave Jones a leading role and he got the best of it.

“I think I’ve kind of grown into that role,” Jones told Phil Perry from NBC Sports Boston. “A lot of the older guys, Devin (McCourty) and Slate (Matthew Slater), have always pushed me into that way of being more vocal. I was kind of more of a guy who led by example, tried to do things the right way. But those guys have kind of pushed me into being more of a vocal leader for the team and different things like that.”

The cornerback had a reason to re-sign with the Patriots in free agency

Jones wanted to stay with the team and it looks like the Patriots wanted him back, too. The talented CB is the right person to join the team. His great experience and talent will take the Patriots to a bigger win in the upcoming season. Jones enjoys his time with the Patriots and he is really trying to give his best shot in every game.

“That’s always the goal,” Jones told Perry. “I think for a guy to be in a place for his entire career, that’s abnormal. So that’s kind of always a goal for players. And I enjoy it. I’ve been here most of my adult life. It’s consistency here for me. And I love New England. The fans, the people, you know how crazy they are about the sports here. It’s definitely a second home for me.”

New England entered an important offseason. Belichick will probably lose some of his great players, but he will most certainly pack his team with talent.