Tristan Thompson Addresses Kyrie Irving Reuniting With LeBron James On Lakers

Tristan Thompson still believes that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving could thrive well on the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers showed interest in Irving not so long ago. He faced a lot of challenges in the last few seasons and experts insist that he joins the purple and gold.

LeBron and Irving won a title in 2016 and Thompson was on the same team. The Cleveland Cavaliers got the best of LeBron and Irving and they were lethal back in the days. Irving forced his way out of Cleveland, but things didn’t work well for him. He and LeBron got over some things from the past and there isn’t any bad blood between them. Is this enough for Irving to play with his former teammate again? Thompson is a fan of this idea.

“I’ve been pushing that reuniting, coming together for so long,” Thompson said on the March 24 episode of the Draymond Green Show. “With Kyrie and LeBron, it was almost like a match made in heaven. They brought the best out of each other. It was like the things that Kyrie does great is different than what Bron did great. It was just such a beautiful, like it was beautiful to watch the two-man game side pick-and-roll because they’re so dynamic and great at so many different things, but together, it’s like, it’s almost like unstoppable.

“I think Kyrie brings the best out of LeBron and LeBron does the same thing, brings the best out of Kyrie. … It wasn’t finished. It wasn’t finished the way it was supposed to. … It’s not over yet. There’s still a couple more chapters between them two that they can make some magic happen.”

LeBron, Lakers could use Irving on the floor

Irving enters the open market in the summer. The Lakers have already tried to bring Irving to LA, but the Brooklyn Nets didn’t want Russell Westbrook and the two first-rounders Rob Pelinka offered back in February. Negotiations didn’t lead to a deal and Irving joined the Dallas Mavericks.

Jovan Buha from The Athletic claims that the Lakers won’t try their chances with Irving this summer.

“From what I’ve been told, they’re not going to be pursuing Kyrie Irving this offseason,” Buha said. “To my knowledge and to what I’ve been told, the Kyrie ship, I think, has sailed. You never want to say never. That could easily change, but as of right now, their plan is to run this (team) back.”