Bailey Zappe Breaks Silence On Tough Patriots QB Competition With Mac Jones

Mac Jones struggled in the 2022 season and his starting job with the New England Patriots is not secure anymore. Numerous reports confirmed the tension between Jones and head coach Bill Belichick and now we have people saying that Bailey Zappe will take over the position. The QB competition in New England put Zappe against Jones. Who will get the job?

Zappe doesn’t mind starting games for the Patriots in 2023. However, Belichick has the final word. The young quarterback will wait patiently for his turn on the field. He has already stepped in as a replacement for Jones.

The NFL world wants to know more about the current situation in New England and Zappe has received a lot of questions about his position.

“If my opportunity presents itself, like I’ve been saying, I’m going to take full advantage of it,” Zappe told Joe Kayata of WJAR TV. “I’m going to do everything I can to help the team win. That’s really all I can say from that standpoint. That’s coach [Bill] Belichick’s decision, whatever he decides. But if the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to be ready and take advantage of it,” Zappe added.

Zappe challenges Jones in the QB competition

Belichick added a little spice to the mix at the NFL annual meeting in March. He will make a decision after training camp and it will go in favor of the team.

“Everybody’ll get a chance to play,” Belichick told the media on March 27. “We’ll play the best players.”

Zappe worked really well on the field last seasons. He threw for 781 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions, completing 70.7% of his passes and posting a 100.9 passer rating. The Patriots won two games with him on the field and many analysts believe that Zappe could be an ideal option for the team next season.

Jones faces a huge obstacle at the moment. He could be replaced in a beat. He threw for 2,997 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, completing 65.2% of his passes and posting 84.8 passer rating. The Patriots went 6-8 with him as starting quarterback. Will he get another chance?