LeBron James Drops Statement On Dillon Brooks Ejection In Lakers’ Game 3 Win

Dillon Brooks got into a things don’t really go in his favor. The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated a big win after Game 3 and Brooks learned his lesson. He disrespected LeBron for his age and motivated the Lakers to win the night.

The Memphis Grizzlies were with Ja Morant, but the Lakers knew how to keep everything under control.

The best part of the game? Brooks was ejected for a low blow on LeBron. Oh, it was the best lesson Brooks could get in his lifetime. LeBron didn’t want to say much about the game and he wasn’t really into discussing Brooks’ ejection. The king of basketball is trying to win his title. He would never pay attention to outside noise.

LeBron was the star of the show, delivering 25 points, nine rebounds, five assists, one steal, and one block.

Brooks got what he wanted. He scored seven points, two rebounds, and one steal while shooting just 3-of-13 from the floor and 1-of-5 from behind the three-point line.

“Just focusing on the game plan. There was a lot of game left to be played when that incident happened, so I just tried to get up, protect my crown jewels, and move on to the next play,” LeBron said via the NBA Interviews YouTube channel. “And I was able to go–I think I knocked, what, one out of two free throws? Or maybe both. I don’t remember.”

Dillon Brooks learned his LeBron lesson

Brooks got really confident after the Game 2 win over the Lakers. He said LeBron was old and fans got angry. Brooks was really disrespectful.

“I don’t care, he’s old,” Brooks said. “Was expecting him to (talk trash), Game 4, Game 5. I poke bears. Don’t respect no one until they come and give me 40 (points). He’s not at the same level as he was when he was in Cleveland and winning championships in Miami. I wish I got to see that. It would have been a harder, harder task (to guard him). He’s a special player. … These special players, they want to play in space, they want to not be touched … but when you get to the playoffs and bumps are allowed and stuff like that, it wears on him. Just wear and tear on him throughout a seven-game series and see if he can take it, see if he wants to play the one-on-one battle, or if he wants to be out on the sideline.”

LeBron didn’t want to say anything about Brooks’ ugly attitude. He is focused on the game and Brooks won’t change this. LeBron would never waste his time on ugly energy and people who want to get under his skin.