DeAndre Hopkins To Patriots? Top NFL Insider Casts Doubt On Potential Deal

The New England Patriots could really use someone like DeAndre Hopkins in the 2023 NFL season and we’ve heard some wild deal rumors. New England looked really great with Julian Edelman on the spot. He left the team a few years ago and Bill Belichick has been looking for a top wide receiver for a quite some time. Hopkins’ name popped here and there and it seems like we have at least one realistic scenario related to the five-time Pro Bowler.

The Arizona Cardinals have officially cut ties with the veteran wideout. Hopkins sparked a huge discussion and New England was listed as a top destination. Let’s not forget that Hopkins has a history with Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien which would increases the likelihood of seeing the WR put on a Patriots uniform. The 31-year-old will test the open market and won’t have any trouble finding a new home in the NFL.

Patriots fans would love to see Hopkins join their team, but Jeremy Fowler from ESPN has a few good reasons to believe that Hopkins will go somewhere else.

“Do I sense DeAndre Hopkins is eager to reunite with Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien — the two reportedly had a rocky relationship in Houston — in an unsettled quarterback situation for the right to practice in the snow? No,” Fowler, wrote last Friday. “But money often drives these conversations, and it’s no secret the Patriots have been on the market for pass-catching help for Mac Jones.”

Hopkins could pass the Patriots and strike a deal with another team

According to Fowler, Hopkins will probably consider joining the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs. He insisted that both teams could use the talented wide receiver in the upcoming season.

New England can still try to get Hopkins though. He likes the organization and its management. He has already praised the team and its qualities. Fun fact? Hopkins doesn’t need his next team to have a star quarterback. So, no, he wouldn’t just pass the Patriots and do nothing. It’s a long offseason after all.