Former Patriots Running Back Announces Retirement After Five Seasons

Former New England Patriots running back Jeremy Hill decided to announce his retirement after five seasons in the NFL. His skill set was elite and so was his performance on the football field. Unfortunately, he sustained many injuries and retiring from football was inevitable. Hill spent time with both the Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hill shared a detailed message on Instagram.

“Unfortunately, due to the injuries I sustained September 9, 2018, I will no longer be pursuing my career in professional football, that’s right I?m retiring from the game that we all love so dearly,” Hill wrote. “It’s been one hell of a journey and I wouldn’t have been close to enjoying it without my family specifically my Mother, my coaches and all the great teammates I was blessed to play with. Now the fun part of life starts for me but in the meantime I will be doing everything in my power to help the next generation in our game so we all can continue to enjoy our great sport for decades to come.”

The former Patriots running back had to make a decision about his retirement

The Cincinnati Bengals selected Hill in 2014. He spent four seasons with the team and rushed for 2873 yards and 29 touchdowns. Bill Belichick and the Patriots got him in 2018.

It was a short stint though. Hill didn’t get a chance to play his best football with the Patriots. Belichick got him for a reason, but Hill suffered a torn ACL in the very first game of the regular season. The Patriots played against the Houston Texans back then. Hill rushed for 25 yards on four carries before going to the sideline. Belichick and his players won the Super Bowl that year and Hill was on injured reserve. He didn’t play in this brilliant game, but his team won.

Losing a player due to a torn ACL is a big blow for any NFL team. Hill could’ve been a lethal force on the football field, but it didn’t happen. He was spectacular with the Bengals and Belichick had great plans for him. He will focus on other plans in the future.