Lakers Austin Reaves Reveals Why He Bashed LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves was once a Kobe Bryant fan who trashed LeBron James, but now he plays on the same team with the four-time champion. It’s all fun and games until someone digs out an old Facebook post of Reaves trashing LeBron.

In 2012, Reaves was just 13. He really liked Kobe and posted about it all the time. He also posted a meme criticizing LeBron and his 0 rings back then. The king of basketball won his first championship in 2012.

Reaves’ meme resurfaced again, creating an uncomfortable situation for the young guard.

“I saw ‘SportsCenter’ posted it,” Reaves told Melissa Rohlin FOX Sports. “I was just like, ‘S—.’”

Reaves is lucky to have LeBron on his side at the moment. They are really close and LeBron has nothing but words of praise for his younger teammate. LeBron and Anthony Davis praised Reaves on so many occasions, hyping his performance after each game. Reaves has become a key player in LA and his fan base grew really big in the last few days.

“I called Bron over and was like, ‘Look, I was s—-ing on you back in 2012. I was a Kobe fan,’” Reaves explained. “[James] just laughed it off.”

LeBron and Reaves will win a lot of games as Lakers teammates

Reaves learned a lot from LeBron and he sure takes his advice seriously. The Lakers superstar has been around for two decades and he has some useful tricks and tips for his teammate.

“I had come off a ball screen and I had already made up my mind that I was going to get him the ball,” Reaves said. “That’s obviously never a bad decision. But the way they were guarding us, it called for me to get downhill, get to the rim or make a play for somebody else. He came up to me and was like, ‘Don’t worry about getting me the ball. I’m going to find obviously ways to impact the game and I’m going to do what I do. Just be yourself. And take what the defense gives you.’”