Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham Calls Out Players After Game 1 Loss To Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets earned advantage in the first half of Game 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers. They celebrated a 132-126 win and Lakers head coach Darvin Ham had something to say about his team and the terrible loss to the Nuggets. Fans can bet he wasn’t happy. Was it the home advantage for Denver? Nikola Jokic was brilliant and finished the night with a triple-double.

Ham watched his team struggle to Denver bullies throughout the entire night. Yes, the Lakers had a chance to bounce back in the second half, but the damage was already done.

“My first inclination is not even a size factor, it’s a mobility factor,” Ham said. “We had multiple guys just standing around, no one is seeking out a hit. One person getting a hit, one person is selling out going after the basketball. A couple of times the ball just dropped to the ground and someone swooped in from their team and grabbed it. Too many possessions where we had bodies in the vicinity of the rebound but just never put a body on their body. We didn’t make a deliberate attempt to grab the ball.”

Ham and the Lakers have to be more aggressive against the Nuggets

The Lakers have to do better in rebounds next time. LeBron James had 12 and Anthony Davis did 10. Both superstars had brilliant game, but it wasn’t enough. Jokic was a monster on the floor.

“A lot, a lot of long rebounds. Gave them way too many second-chance points on offensive rebound opportunities, and 50-50 balls for that matter,” Ham said. “We have to be better in transition and we can’t foul them. We have to be more disciplined showing our hands when we’re guarding those guys around the rim and in the post.”

Ham discussed the rebound game Denver had last night and the way Jokic and his teammates took advantage of the whole situation. It’s just Game 1 after all. The Lakers have to make some adjustments and change their approach in Game 2. Let’s see how it goes for the purple and gold.