Lakers Legend Calls For ‘Major Changes’ After Warriors Blowout

The Golden State Warriors found a way to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 2. Draymond Green went on Anthony Davis and The Warriors starting lineup looked different. It’s safe to say the Warriors played solid basketball and the Lakers returned home with a blowout.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson watched his team lose the game and delivered a very special advice for the purple and gold.

“In Game 3 the Lakers have to make some major changes and adjust to how the Warriors are now playing them,” Johnson tweeted after the loss on Thursday. “Coach Steve Kerr made excellent adjustments on offense putting JaMychal Green in the lineup to spread the court as well as adjusting their offensive plays. Defensively they kept the Lakers out of the paint.”

The Warriors made big changes to force a Lakers blowout

Kerr understood the assignment and used Green in the starting lineup. The Warriors pushed the pace and celebrated a 127-100 win.

“It’s using our strengths to our advantage,” Warriors star Stephen Curry said. “You have to give up something. So as long as we’re decisive and our floor is spaced properly, usually can find a good shot, and then you’ve just got to knock them down.”

LeBron James noticed the changes in the Warriors lineup. JaMychal’s role affected the game plan and the Lakers superstar recognized his impact.

JaMychal gave him them big time minutes — just 13 minutes felt like 24 or 30 minutes. He was big-time for their team in a starting role tonight,” the four-time NBA champion said. “You have to give credit where credit is due and we move on to the next game. But our defense is where we hang our hat and that doesn’t stop, no matter what you are playing against.”

Green made an impact as well. The Warriors didn’t give him too much playing time and he played just 14 minutes per game with the team, averaging 6.4 points and 3.5 rebounds. He’s been around for years and the Warriors won’t let him go that easily.