Lakers Rival Named As Next Stop For LeBron James Amid Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers are out of the postseason and NBA experts started speculating about LeBron James’ potential retirement. Well, now we have analysts suggesting that LeBron will actually join a Lakers rival.

The four-time NBA champion is 38. His game is impeccable and he still has a few good seasons left in the tank. LeBron is happy with his team and he really wanted to win more games with the Lakers. The franchise even made the Western Conference Finals this season. Unfortunately, LeBron didn’t win a ring. His cryptic comments made people talk and Chris Haynes from Bleacher Report interpreted this as a hint for his retirement.

There’s more. Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer sees this as an effort to impact the Lakers front office. LeBron may be trying to make them read between the lines and get players he wants. He may be trying to force his way out, too.

“How soon until Draymond Green begins recruiting LeBron to the Warriors? Did it happen as soon as LeBron stepped off the podium Monday night? Will it happen before the Finals begin next Thursday? No one needs a source to tell you those conversations will happen if they haven’t already, given Draymond’s love for LeBron, the Klutch connection, and his history of recruiting,” O’Connor wrote. “Interest between LeBron and the Warriors could be mutual. LeBron is BFFs with Draymond and he’s already said that Steph Curry is the current player he’d most like to play with.”

LeBron respects the Warriors, could join the Lakers rival

Fun fact? LeBron likes the Warriors and even listed them as a potential destination. He is a great fan of Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. Playing with these two could be lethal for the rest of the NBA.

“I like the way Draymond talks to guys. I would love to get into a pissing match with Draymond,” LeBron said on The Shop. “Love when somebody cuss me the f–k out if I’m not doing my [job]. Would love that with Draymond.”

Klay Thompson has been a dominant force as well. He attracted LeBron’s attention with his great skill set and shooting.

“The union of Steph and LeBron seems like a match made in heaven, particularly as they enter the twilight of their careers,” O’Connor added. “James could position himself to rack up more championships alongside another legend, and a former rival, in one of the greatest collaborations the NBA has ever seen.”