Patriots DeAndre Hopkins Chances Go Up

The Arizona Cardinals released DeAndre Hopkins on May 26 and NFL experts say he is on his way to the New England Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick and his staff have shown great interest in Hopkins. Is the wide receiver interested in playing with the Patriots? Absolutely.

“I wouldn’t rule out the New England Patriots,” a league source told Heavy’s Matt Lombardo. “They aren’t out of the question. But, he would be an ideal fit with either of the New York teams.”

The Patriots could really use someone like Hopkins. He would be an ideal target for Mac Jones or any other Patriots quarterback. In 2022, he played in nine games and was able to catch 64 passes for 717 yards and three touchdowns.

“That dude is still legit,” an NFC Personnel Executive told Lombardo. “He’s going to be a hot item now that he’s available. Just phenomenal hands, damn good size, and lots of experience. He just needs to prove he can stay healthy, to make signing him worth it.”

DeAndre Hopkins would gladly join the Patriots

Hopkins heard some of the comments about him and the Patriots and talked about it during the I AM ATHLETE podcast.

“Obviously, of course I’ve heard a lot of rumors of people calling,” Hopkins said on the podcast. “I would definitely say the Patriots were one of the teams. Obviously, I would say the [Buffalo] Bills were one of those teams that I heard. I didn’t have direct conversations, but seeing what’s on Twitter, what’s on Instagram, you’ve got to pay attention to some of those things. Really, those are the only two teams that I paid attention to that I was like, ‘All right, let me see if social media’s right.’”

Hopkins has great experience and excellent skill set. He can play at high level, but he would definitely join an organization with a stable management. The Patriots are in a tricky position right now and they have to solve their quarterback issue. However, Hopkins doesn’t mind playing with a team that doesn’t have a great QB.