Tom Brady In Talks With Storied AFC Team For Off-Field Plans

Tom Brady retired from the NFL, but he won’t leave the league completely, per recent reports. The former New England Patriots quarterback has been making the best headlines in the last few months. Will Brady reveal more about his off-field plans?

Seth Wickersham and Adam Schefter from ESPN claim that Brady could soon become “a limited partner of the Las Vegas Raiders.” They cited several sources and this report fueled the fire.

Brady had a similar attempt in 2023. He had a chance to become a limited partner of the Miami Dolphins, but NFL tampering rules shut down his plans. One thing stands for sure. Brady won’t return to the field as a NFL player. He can’t own a team while being its active player.

“Even if he wanted to, owners would have to approve his dual role,” Wickersham and Schefter wrote of Brady’s role with the Raiders.

Huge off-field plans could give Brady a serious challenge

The GOAT was linked to the Raiders in 2020. He left the Patriots and many thought that he would go to Las Vegas. The same happened in 2022 and 2023. Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski revealed that Dana White tried to make the Raiders sign him and Brady in 2020.

Brady could become a partner of the Raiders, but it won’t be that easy for him to seal the deal.

“Discussions between the two sides have been going on for weeks and could soon be reaching a resolution, yet sources say it’s still an extremely sensitive and fluid negotiation,” Wickersham and Schefter wrote. “Brady’s investment is expected to be ‘passive’, a source with direct knowledge of the situation says, and he would not have any operational control or authority over the club in business or football matters.”

There’s another catch. Brady has a 10-year deal with FOX and will probably start broadcasting in 2024.

“Sources said that league policy about team ownership overlapping with media employment comes into play only if the owner holds a position of authority at the media company and could impact broadcast rights negotiations,” Wickersham and Schefter wrote. “Fox and the NFL agreed to an 11-year rights deal in 2021.”

FOX broadcasts NFC teams, but there may be a conflict of interest.

“If Brady ends up with a piece of the Raiders, I’m going to bypass everything he says about the franchise outside of game analysis,” Richard Deitsch from The Athletic wrote. “But as far as whether it will be an issue for Fox, no chance.”