Patriots Target DeAndre Hopkins Visits AFC Foe

DeAndre Hopkins may be the biggest target for the New England Patriots this offseason, but the free agent is currently checking other teams. Tom Pelissero from NFL Network reported that the star wide receiver plans to visit the Tennessee Titans on June 11. Patriots fans won’t really like the idea of seeing Hopkins check out one of the rivals.

Hopkins cut ties with the Arizona Cardinals and decided to try his chances at the open market. He’s been receiving some cool offers lately and Titans head coach Mike Vrabel will probably do his best to grab Hopkins’ attention. It’s interesting to note that Vrabel and Hopkins have already worked together. Hopkins was catching passes for the Texans from 2013 to 2019 and Vrabel was part of the team from 2014 to 2017. This could make things a lot easier for the former Patriots linebacker.

The wide receiver has a chance to seal a really good deal. Pelissero mentioned that “there is some mutual interest” with Vrabel’s team. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the Patriots made the best headlines in the last two months.

Patriots and other NFL teams target Hopkins

Hopkins said he likes the Patriots management and he is not even bothered with the fact that Bill Belichick doesn’t have a star quarterback at center. The Patriots will probably make him a No.1 wide receiver at the very same moment he lands foot in New England.

Belichick respects great player and Hopkins is one of a kind. These two talked in December and cameras caught every moment of their interaction.

There’s more. Hopkins’ Instagram activity fueled the fire. The Pats logo keeps popping everywhere around him.

Here’s the catch. Hopkins wants something close to $15 million per season. That’s exactly what Odell Beckham Jr. gets from his deal with the Baltimore Ravens. According to Spotrac, Hopkins will get a three-year deal worth about $69.6 million. Let’s see what happens in a few weeks. Hopkins wants the same money Beckham Jr. got and he won’t settle for anything less than that.