Gilbert Arenas Drops Word Of Caution About Lakers’ Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers gave Anthony Davis a massive three-year contract extension and Gilbert Arenas dropped words of praise for the big man.

If you ask Arenas, he will say that AD is ready to take over LeBron, adding that the big man is equally dominant on the basketball court.

“Anthony Davis did everything the Lakers asked him to do,” Arenas tweeted on August 8. “Don’t let LeBron’s dominance at his age make you think that AD still not HIM.”

LeBron has a good deal with the Lakers as well. He is the ultimate leader in LA and the front office trusts him. However, they should all prepare for the post-LeBron era.

“Things can always change with trades or trade requests, but…it’s safe to say the Lakers want him to be the franchise’s cornerstone,” detailed Zach Harper of The Athletic on August 8. “That never quite worked out for the New Orleans Pelicans, which struggled to compete with the best when he was there.”

LeBron is doing his job really well and the Lakers rely on his decisions and moves. King James brought AD to LA. How long will the big man thrive alongside the four-time NBA champion?

“Who then becomes the star to join Davis? And is he the type of player who will attract stars to L.A.,” Harper said. “I’m not sure if Davis is the guy to draw players to the team. We knew James was that guy, but that’s not a fair bar to set for Davis.”

Arenas says LeBron affects Davis and his performance with the Lakers

Arenas made another big claim, suggesting that LeBron’s GOAT discussion affected his teammates.

“LeBron James put so much pressure on people,” Arenas noted. “The fact that he’s 39 doing what he’s doing makes 30 seem like you’re a rookie. Now we have a glimpse of what 38 and 39 is capable of doing which means when players are looking like they’re slowing down at 31, 32, I don’t know how we accept that anymore.”

These are really strong claims, but LeBron has heard it all… Let’s see how he and AD get along next season. This duo is lethal!