Skip Bayless Deliberates About LeBron James Not Attending Dwyane Wade Hall Of Fame Enshrinement

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James didn’t honor former teammate and buddy Dwyane Wade during his Hall of Fame enshrinement. The king of basketball probably had a good reason to do this, but Skip Bayless offered his theory. LeBron and Wade won two championships together and their friendship grew stronger over the years.

“I have no idea why LeBron James was not at Dwyane Wade’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony or his after-party,” Bayless said. “… I am 99.9 percent sure LeBron was not there, and that shocked me. Found that extremely odd. I thought LeBron and D-Wade were extremely close.”

LeBron had a reason to not join Wade during his enshrinement

A lot of top players attended Wade’s enshrinement and Chris Paul was one of them. Bayless listed pretty much every top name that attended the ceremony. Why did LeBron leave his buddy behind?

“CP3 (Chris Paul) was there on Saturday,” Bayless said. “Melo (Carmelo Anthony) was there on Saturday. Chris Bosh was there. Pat Riley was there. Everybody was there, except for LeBron. Did anybody out there find that weird or bizarre or crazy the way I did? Why wasn’t more made out of this? Oh yeah, that’s right — LeBron James is the most protected athlete in the history of sports. So I guess — gotta sweep that under the carpet and move along. Nothing to see here, except for me.”

Well, we do know that Bayless was never a fan of LeBron. This was more than enough for him to throw shade at LeBron again.

LeBron has a lot going on right now and yes, he tries his best to spend more time with the family. Let’s not forget that Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest during practice and that’s not something you ignore. LeBron is all-in when it comes to being the perfect father and giving his kids the life he never had. His kid deals with a serious condition and he is probably at home taking care of his oldest son.