Patriots’ Jahani Tavai Supports QB Mac Jones As Calls For Benching Reach An All-Time High

The New England Patriots struggle to win games this season. Head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Mac Jones received an unhealthy dose of criticism early in the season. Belichick thought that benching Jones could ease some of the struggles throughout the season, but it didn’t happen. Backup quarterbacks struggled to perform as well.

We can all agree that Jones is in the middle of another frustrating season. NFL analysts have been asking questions for Jones’ future with the Patriots. Coach B didn’t reveal much in his sessions with the media, but we do know that he is unhappy with the situation in New England. Patriots team owner Robert Kraft isn’t happy either. He voiced his concerns about the current situation and the fact that his players weren’t able to make the big game.

Belichick may opt for a scenario that doesn’t involve benching Jones

NFL analysts may criticize Jones, but Patriots Jahani Tavai showed great respect for his teammate. He told the world that Patriots players will always support Jones.

“I mean, if somebody out there in the world thinks that they can do a better job, they can try and sign up. Being a quarterback is one of the toughest positions. So my hat goes off to him for keeping his poise, you know, week in and week out. I don’t think they see the hard work that he puts into this. Into his work… He’s working his tail off to improve himself every week and that’s just from what I’m seeing. So, I have nothing but respect for Mac. All the outside noise, you know, I really, I truly don’t really care about it. Like I just want him to know that we got his back.”

Patriots players trust Jones and his potential. Former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels trusted Jones as well. He knows that the quarterback has the right skills. McDaniels is convinced that Jones has yet to unleash his full potential. Bill O’Brien was supposed to show him the way, but Jones’ struggles continued.