Lakers’ LeBron James, Anthony Davis Offer Damning Take On Commissioner Project

The All-Star game is over and the East got the best of it. Players from the Western Conference suffered a big blow. Some of them shared an honest take on the game, listing countless pros and cons. LeBron James and Anthony Davis shared their take on the All-Star game, delivering a big message to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

“I think it’s something we need to figure out,” LeBron said, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin on February 19. “Obviously from a player’s perspective, it’s fun to get up and down. But at the end of the day, our competitive nature don’t like to have free-flowing scoring like that.”

Silver wasn’t too excited about the outcome and really hoped to see a more competitive performance from all players. This takes us all the way to the comments late Kobe Bryant made regarding the All-Star game. In 2019, the Lakers legend claimed that the big game lacks competitiveness. He rarely lost an All-Star game and emphasized the importance of being competitive on the basketball court.

In his 14 minutes on the floor, LeBron scored eight points, four rebounds, and three assists. The four-time NBA champion gave fans a big scare with his ankle injury early in the season. Was he being a little too cautious in the All-Star game?

“But I think the good thing that came out of tonight was none of the players were injured, and everybody came out unscathed or how they were before the game started,” LeBron noted. “So it’s a deeper conversation.”

LeBron and Davis remind the NBA Commissioner of an important detail

Being competitive is important in the NBA, but players rarely go wild. I mean, the regular season is not over yet and the faith of each NBA team is in the hands of star players.

“Obviously the fans and the league and everybody wants to be competitive, but then you also as players think about trying not to get hurt,” Davis said. “Obviously injuries are a part of the game, and no one wants to get hurt in the All-Star Game.”

In 22 minutes on the floor, AD scored six points, eight assists, eight rebounds, and a block.

It was a big game, but players had to be careful. They tried to put on a great performance for their fans and AD was honest about their approach.

“All these guys here are very valuable to their teams,” Davis said. “You try to go out there and compete a little bit and not just be a highlight show. But at the same time, do you guys really want to see somebody going down for a dunk and somebody going to contest it and, God forbid, something happens in the All-Star Game when it could have been avoided?”