NBA Legend Advises Lakers To Trade Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers look good at the moment. Some of their players miss time due to injuries, but Darvin Ham has an excellent group to work with. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have established a strong relationship and took control of the game. They missed significant time due to injuries in the last few seasons, but this season is different. Davis steals the spotlight every time he takes the floor, but a Lakers star believes the team should trade the big man.

NBA legend Jamal Crawford follows the situation in LA. He is well aware of the fact that Davis’ value is really high at the moment. He even insists that the team trades him somewhere else and capitalize on his worth.

“They don’t have enough to even compete [for a championship] right now,” Crawford said on the March 27 episode of “The Big Podcast” with Shaquille O’Neal. “My thing is, if LeBron is still your best player at this point, I’m looking at trading Anthony Davis. You can get four or five pieces [back] that fit LeBron if LeBron’s still going to be your best player. If I can get [back] a Kyrie Irving-type [star guard]… they need another dominant wing scorer.”

Crawford has a few good reasons to believe that trading Davis is the best scenario for the purple and gold.

The Lakers sit ninth in the Western Conference. They will have to fight their way to the top. The West is packed with strong competitors. The play-in tournament will be a wild adventure for the Lakers. If players miss the chance to make the playoffs this post season, the front office will have to make some trades.

Lakers to keep Davis, encouraged to trade Austin Reaves

Who will be the first to go? O’Neal has another scenario for the Lakers. He claims that the franchise should keep Davis around and trade Austin Reaves and some picks/players.

“LeBron is trying to add to his legacy, so I’m gonna help him out,” O’Neal said. “Got to get rid of Reaves. Give me another guy who can do that but is a little more consistent. I’m not saying Reaves isn’t consistent, but when you’re playing for a championship, you can have no inconsistency. I’m going to use Reaves and try and get back three or four shooters.”