Lakers’ Austin Reaves Highlights Key Reason For Monster Durability

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying their best to cement their spot in the play-in tournament. The team looks really good right now and yes, players did an incredible job away from home. Lakers players won five of the six road games they had on the schedule. According to NBA analysts, the storied franchise has a great chance to make the NBA Finals or even go higher this season. Austin Reaves has an army of supporters cheering on his great success and of course, incredible durability.

Reaves is approaching the end of another great season. He hopes to see his team in the playoffs. Winning a title would be more than great. He is relatively young and his insane skill set is definitely turning heads. Fans and doubters are also impressed by his durability on the basketball floor.

Fans hope to see Reaves and his durability in the playoffs

Reaves was brilliant in pretty much every game he played this season. He is giving his best shot every night and as you may have noticed, he hasn’t missed a game yet. Let’s hope he stays available by the end of the postseason.

“I’ve got everything I can give,” said Reaves, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN on X, the social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter. “That’s what I’m going to do every night. I’m going to go out there and give everything I’ve got until after our last game, and then I can relax and chill. I’ve played every game this year. I had the summer last year and the extended run in the playoffs to the Western Conference Finals, but I feel good. This is when you dream of playing, in these types of games into the playoffs. I’m going to go give everything I’ve got.”

Reaves and his teammates play great basketball, hoping to make the eighth or even seventh seed in the Western Conference. They went through the same challenge last season and made the Western Conference Finals. Sadly, the Denver Nuggets shut down their playoff hopes.