Brian Belichick Shares Why He Stayed With The Patriots

The New England Patriots lost Bill Belichick after the end of the regular season. Belichick’s son, Steve, is now Washington’s defensive coordinator. It’s interesting to note that the Patriots did manage to keep at least one Belichick around. Brian will stay on the Patriots coaching staff and will work under Jerod Mayo.

Mark Daniels from MassLive revealed that Brian had a really good reason to make this decision. The birth of his child was more than enough for Brian to keep his job in New England.

“I was thankful and happy to get the opportunity to coach here and was thankful and happy to take advantage of it and take [Mayo] up on it,” Belichick said on Wednesday. “I have a lot of gratitude in my life right now with my daughter, my job, being here, living in this area. Love it. I just hope I can contribute to help us be the best team we can this year.”

Brian Belichick will work with a new Patriots coaching staff, Mayo shares optimistic views

Mayo will introduce a new perspective in New England. He respects Belichick’s legacy, but will try to do things differently. Working with Belichick’s son will be a new challenge on his table, but Mayo has nothing but words of praise for Brian.

“Brian loves football, and he loves New England,” the Patriots head coach said. “I think I talked about this a little bit earlier: a guy, new baby, loves it up here, and wants to stay. We’re happy that he’s here.”

How does Belichick feel about not working with his dad anymore? He has zero regrets. Moreover, this change has actually benefited their father-son relationship.

“I have the opportunity to coach a position in the National Football League. How much more can you ask for than that?” Brian said. “It’s been awesome.”

Let’s see how Brian handles the new situation. He seems to be happy for now. Patriots coaches enter a new era and players are excited about the new beginning.