Insider Addresses Potential Shift In Power For Lakers’ LeBron James, Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make the playoffs again. They lost the series to the Denver Nuggets and it’s actually worse than last year. LA fired Darvin Ham after the loss to Denver and the Lakers are currently looking for a new head coach. What about LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

The four-time NBA champion will make a decision on his player option this summer. Well, Sam Amick from The Athletic claims that the Lakers didn’t fire Ham to make LeBron happy. They did it to appease Davis.

LeBron passed the torch to Davis

According to Amick, Davis is the future of the franchise and is probably the biggest priority on Rob Pelinka’s desk right now.

“I think we are guilty sometimes of … focusing too much on LeBron and not enough on AD,” Amick said on “The Rich Eisen Show” on May 17. “Like when they chose to fire Darvin Ham. I was told that one of the many many considerations was it was pretty evident that AD was not on board anymore with Darvin.

“They know like everybody else that AD has a history of having asked for trades in the past. That’s how he got to the Lakers from New Orleans. Last thing they wanted was for AD to be frustrated with the situation and maybe have those types of thoughts cross his mind.

“So that’s to me what’s unique about this offseason for the Lakers, is that even within Klutch you might have some different opinions about coach and players when it comes to LeBron and AD. One guy represents the future and the other guy, LeBron, is obviously near the end.”

LeBron doesn’t mind passing the power to his younger teammate. They work really well together and make the best duo in the NBA when healthy.

The Lakers gave AD a massive contract extension in August 2023. They have great plans for him and things may have taken an unexpected turn for everyone in the Lakers locker room.