Lakers Expected To Hire ESPN Analyst As Head Coach

The Los Angeles Lakers are out of playoff contention and Darvin Ham may lose his job sooner than expected. His situation with the Lakers was a bit shaky and things got really worst after the playoff elimination. The Lakers front office may make changes in the coaching staff, meaning they may get a new head coach.

Former NBA player Rashad McCants discussed the chance to see JJ Redick coach the Lakers and offered strong facts. McCants is convinced that LeBron James started “Mind the Game” podcast with Redick to ease his introduction in the coaching world. If Ham leaves the team, the Lakers may consider hiring Redick. “He’s coaching JJ to be the coach,” McCants said in reference to their Xs and Os discussion on the podcast.

“JJ and LeBron start a podcast. JJ says he wants to be a coach. LeBron knows Darvin Ham’s days are numbered. JJ gets hired by the Lakers,” McCants said on the May 1 episode of the “Gil’s Arena” podcast. “LeBron is still a player and JJ gets to coach LeBron. They bring in Bronny. The podcast thrives.”

NBA teams have already considered hiring Redick

Redick is ready to embrace a coaching job in the NBA. He would love to coach his own team. He always talked about the right timing. Now may be the right time.

If the Lakers decide to get Redick, they will face serious competition. NBA insider Evan Sidery reported that Redick is a finalist for the Charlotte Hornets coaching job. Boston Celtics lead assistant Charles Lee is the other finalist for the coaching vacancy.

“I have a desire to coach in the NBA. Life is about timing, life is about the right situation,” Redick told “The Pivot” podcast on April 30. “So, I can’t say a when, and I can’t say a definite it’s going to happen. The ecosystem that I’ve built and worked for over the last three years, I take a lot of, I wouldn’t say pride because I don’t want to say it’s prideful, I take a lot of joy in this, and I love doing it, and it’s important to me.”

LeBron will support Redick as the new Lakers head coach

Redick knows the game really well. He has been around for 15 years and his impact was huge. LeBron has great words for his basketball intelligence and yes, you can read between the lines.

LeBron had a big reason to start off a podcast with Redick.

“When you have someone like JJ who has kind of the same mindset about the game of basketball — very smart, fell in love with the game for all the right reasons,” LeBron told Jovan Buha from The Athletic. “This is something [starting a podcast] that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. It’s just JJ was perfect timing.”