Lakers’ Superstar LeBron James Reacts To Bronny James’ NBA Draft Decision

LeBron James will always support his children and the decisions they make. Bronny decided to remain in the 2024 NBA Draft and LeBron is all-in! The four-time NBA champion is the best advisor Bronny will ever get and the kid sure gets top advice from his dad.

There were so many theories regarding Bronny’s next move. Analysts discussed all potential scenarios about his future in the NBA. Bronny declared for the NBA Draft and it is now official.

Alex Karaban, Caleb Love, and Johnell Davis decided to withdraw, but Bronny decided to stay. Some players decided to spend another year in college and Bronny had a different perspective. LeBron is more than proud of his son and every step he takes.

LeBron is also the best hype guy Bronny will ever get. His oldest son understood the message and this seems to be the best decision to make. The talented kid improved his shooting and analysts praise his consistency.

We can all agree that Bronny has secured his position in the late first-round or mid-second round. Getting drafted early may not be the most ideal scenario, but Bronny will handle all the pressure. He learned from the best.

LeBron to make a decision on playing with Bronny after the draft

Will LeBron finally get a chance to play with his oldest son? Bonny, on the other hand, just wants to enter the NBA. Not playing with his dad? All good. Bronny did say that this was his father’s dream, emphasizing that he didn’t really think of playing alongside the Lakers superstar.

If Bronny finds his home in the NBA, he will have to work hard and keep his spot on the roster. He accepted the challenge and there’s no going back now.

LeBron will make a decision on his free agency this summer and his next move will definitely make a change. Will he stay in LA? Will he join the team that selects Bronny?