New England Patriots OL Reveals He Almost Died From Malaria

New England Patriots offensive lineman Calvin Anderson missed significant time in the 2023 NFL season after dealing with malaria.

Anderson took a trip to Nigeria last summer and almost died. It was their yearly trip to Nigeria and Anderson got sick right before training camp. The tackle shared details in his two-minute video posted on social media.

“I faced a lot of challenges surrounding my football career but one of the most severe was almost dying twice,” the tackle explained. “Every year, we travel to Nigeria. I woke up my first night back in Boston. My wife recognized something was off. I woke up with a thermometer in my mouth – I was a little off. She took my temperature and I was 105. I didn’t feel like I had time to be sick. We had training camp next week.

“My fever at the hospital was 108. They ask you for a travel history. I told them I went to Nigeria. ‘Calvin has malaria.’ What malaria does, it starts to eat away at the blood cells in the body and then it starts to break down your internal organs.

Anderson’s wife shared how doctors literally told her that he could have died.

“The doctors came to me when he had malaria and they were like, if you brought him in a few hours later, he basically would’ve died,” his wife said in the video.

Malaria wasn’t the only health issue the Patriots player had to deal with

Anderson returned to the field at one point, but ended up suffering a heart contusion in practice. He feels great now and really hopes to earn a starting spot on Jerod Mayo’s roster. The talented player even made a great promise to fans, coaches, and teammates.

“They’re going to see a bigger, stronger, more mentally fortified, smarter version of Calvin Anderson,” he said.

The Patriots will enter the new season with a different roster. It’s a great challenge for everyone in the organization.