Patriots’ Matthew Judon Halts Trade Speculation With 2 Posts

The New England Patriots made a lot of changes in the offseason. Head coach Jerod Mayo started off a new chapter and even issued a warning to all veterans on his squad. The Patriots will take a different approach and the current group is mostly young players. Mayo will give “young bulls” a chance to make a change and veterans should definitely be alert. Veteran linebacker Matthew Judon heard a bunch of comments on his potential departure from New England. Will the Patriots trade Judon this summer?

One thing stands for sure. Judon wants these rumors to stop. He shut down each and every trade scenario involving him. The veteran linebacker isn’t going anywhere and he delivered a strong message on social media. Two simple posts were more than enough to make people stop talking.

Judon won’t end up on the trade block

One of Judon’s post has a quote from The Wolf of Wall Street. Our Wolf of Wall Street plans to reside in Boston for a really long time.

Initial speculation suggested that Judon intends to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. He was part of their roster from 2016-2020. The Patriots got Judon in 2021 and he hasn’t skipped a beat.

The second post confirmed his perspective. Judon is a Patriot. Someone had posted that Judon should go back to Baltimore, and the veteran replied, “Now you and me both now.” It seems like leaving the Patriots was never an option.

Judon didn’t have his best numbers in the 2023 season. He recorded 13 tackles and four sacks. The veteran saw action in just four games and missed out the season due to a bicep injury.

In 2021 and 2022 Judon has 28 sacks. Losing him to an injury was a big blow for the team, but it looks like Mayo decided to keep him around for some time.

Patriots fans can now catch a breath of relief and watch Judon take the team to a win once again.