Why Patriots Schedule Release Could Be Bad News For Rookie QB Drake Maye

The New England Patriots used their No.3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft to get Drake Maye. NFL analysts have great expectations from him, but the NFL schedule is not really doing him a favor. Head coach Jerod Mayo has yet to make a decision on his starting quarterback and he will probably throw a QB competition to pick the best option for the team. Bill Belichick did the same, remember?

Veteran quarterback Jacoby Brissett won’t give up without a fight. He has great skills and experience and it’s more than obvious that he wants to start at center. Mayo could use Brissett early in the season in order to give Maye time to adjust.

The Patriots used the highest pick to get a quarterback. Is Maye their solution in the long run? The Patriots need a franchise quarterback who can actually carry the team just like Tom Brady did. Well, replacing Brady won’t be easy and we aren’t really sure that anyone will ever be able to accomplish that. One thing stands for sure. Maye has some GOAT shoes to fill in ant it won’t be easy.

Maye faces big challenge in his first season with the Patriots

NFL Jeff Howe discussed Maye’s situation with the Patriots and the pressure he is expected to face in his first season with the team.

“But the fact is this,” Howe wrote in a column published in The Athletic. “They’re scheduled for two tilts each against Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Tua Tagovailoa. They’ll visit Caleb Williams and the Bears. They’ll host 2023 first-rounders C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson. They’ll also greet Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Matthew Stafford, Trevor Lawrence, Brock Purdy and Kyler Murray.

“Injuries will likely erase some of those matchups, but those QBs currently are the Patriots’ adversaries in 15 of their 17 games.”

We cannot really guarantee that the Patriots will use Maye right away. Let’s see how things roll in training camp first.