Alex Caruso New Kobe Bryant Tattoo Goes Viral Among Bulls, Lakers Fans

Kobe Bryant’s death shocked the entire nation. The entire basketball world mourned his death. Kobe was one of the better players in the NBA and had a key role in pretty much every aspect of the game. Unfortunately, Kobe died in a tragic helicopter crash outside Los Angeles in 2020. A lot of former and current players honored his legacy in different ways. Alex Caruso decided to do the same and this time he did a Kobe tattoo.

The former Lakers guard honored Kobe in a brilliant way. It was his way of expressing gratitude for his greatness. We all know that Kobe had a huge impact on all players. Caruso’s new tattoo features a photo of the Black Mamba holding his trophy after the big win in the 2001 NBA Finals.

Some fans don’t like the Kobe tribute Caruso paid

It was a great tribute, but fans had mixed reactions. Caruso earned praise for his move, but some NBA fans weren’t too impressed.

“Not hard to understand y’all… Tatum is a big Kobe fan, but Caruso one-upped him,” another fan declared.

Some fans really crossed the red line and made unexpected comments.

“How the hell don’t most people think this s*** weird? Caruso is almost 30 with another man on his thigh. Kobe fans are the weirdest of them all,” an angry avid spectator added.

“Tattoo artist: what would you like to get? Alex Caruso: Gimme that Kobe taking a dump while cradling Groot in his arms Tattoo artist: say no more fam,” they hilariously said.

Caruso was on the Lakers team that won a title in honor of the Black Mamba. They won a title in the middle of the pandemic and brought the trophy home. Getting a Kobe tattoo isn’t strange at all and Caruso was just expressing his emotions. Not everyone can understand that, right?