Beloved Ex-Lakers Point Guard Has Strong Message For JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers did a couple interviews with JJ Redick as he is the frontrunner for the head coaching vacancy. Former Lakers point guard Derek Fisher talked about Redick and delivered a bold message on his current situation in LA.

Redick has the right basketball skills and knows the game really well. He played in the NBA for 15 years and could be an ideal coaching option for the Lakers. However, some analysts are worried about the fact that he hasn’t worked as a head coach yet. Will this affect his chances to land the job? Fisher was loud and clear on this one.

The former point guard understands the pressure Redick deals with right now

Fisher was an NBA player for 18 seasons. He is a former player who has coached an NBA team. His coaching stint with the New York Knicks didn’t go well, meaning Fisher is well aware of the challenge Redick is about to accept.

If JJ does get the job, JJ has been out of the game for a few years and had an opportunity to be around guys in other settings.

“Like, he has a podcast with LeBron. That didn’t necessarily exist when I was making that transition. But it’s a good example of how different that is for even a guy that may not have previous experience coaching. It’s really the relationships with players that drive your success to a large degree anyway. So, if you’re in a position where you have that to lean on, it does help cushion the experience part. That’s something that the collection of individuals on the staff can help offset the lack of coaching experience.”

The Lakers have to solve their coaching situation as soon as possible. They don’t mind firing their coaches after an unsuccessful season. Frank Vogel had to go despite the fact that he led the team to a title inside the Orlando bubble in 2020. The Lakers fired Darvin Ham, too. In other words, Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka have to find someone who will stay around for more than three seasons.