Bill Belichick New Girlfriend, 24, Calls Herself A ‘Glamorous Girl Scout’

Bill Belichick won’t be coaching the New England Patriots in the 2024 NFL season, but he is definitely winning in another aspect of life. The former Patriots head coach broke up with longtime girlfriend Linda Holiday, but is back in the dating game. TMZ Sports reported that Belichick now has a new girlfriend, cheerleader Jordon Hudson.

Fun fact? Belichick’s new girlfriend is 24. According to TMZ Sports, the legendary head coach got into a new relationship right after breaking up with Holliday.

Belichick and Hudson met on a plane in 2021. They became friends and got into a romantic relationship at some point of 2022. Hudson attended Tom Brady’s roast and Belichick was spotted sitting at a cheerleading competition. He attended the 2024 Coastal At The Capitol Cheer and Dance event in Maryland. If by any chance you haven’t noticed yet, the NFL Combine took place at the same time. So, yes, this competition was important for him and his relationship with Hudson is official.

Being Belichick’s girlfriend throws you in the spotlight almost instantly. The former Patriots head coach is trying to maintain a low profile, but people can’t really ignore the new update in Belichick’s love life. Hudson is almost 50 years younger and fans like talking about huge age gaps.

So, who is Hudson and how is she involved in society?

Belichick and his new girlfriend will continue making headlines

The cheerleader always shares photos of her trips. The “Miss Hancock USA” also claims she is a “glamorous girl scout.” Hudson’s number of followers doubled right after the TMZ Sports report. She introduces herself as a philosopher, entrepreneur, and bird-er. Hudson is also the executive director of “Trouble Cub Enterprises.”

According to Hudson’s Instagram account, Hudson is also a social media ambassador, a model, a henna tattoo artist, and much more.

Hudson hasn’t posted any photos of Belichick yet. He doesn’t like social media, so there may not be an official post.