How Legendary Bill Belichick Landed His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend

Head coach Bill Belichick has a new girlfriend and his new relationship is definitely a shocker. Belichick is trying to maintain low profile, but his love life makes some of the best headlines. The former New England Patriots head coach has just added fuel to the fire. His new girlfriend is 24 years old!

Jordon Hudson is a former competitive cheerleader and her relationship with Belichick is official. These two met in 2021 and their friendship turned into a romantic relationship in 2022. In other words, Hudson attended Patriots games back then. Her legendary boyfriend attended her cheerleader competition, too.

Belichick and his new girlfriend had a great first encounter

TMZ Sports was the first to confirm the relationship. Belichick and Hudson met on a plane from Boston to Florida and talked about one of the projects the cheerleader worked on at the moment. According to TMZ Sports, Hudson and Belichick “bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working. “It was a great conversation and Belichick even autographed one of her textbooks. Yes, a photo of his autograph ended up on social media.

“Jordon, Thanks for giving me a course on logic! Safe travels,” Belichick wrote

It’s interesting to note that Hudson attended Tom Brady’s roast and his enshrinement ceremony. The couple has yet to confirm their relationship, but they go out together.

Hudson had around 3,000 Instagram followers at the time of the report and as you may be guessing, this number hit the sky. Her account is filled with photos of birds, her trips and competitions, and fashion, of course. Hudson has yet to post a photo of Belichick, but we have a feeling that this won’t happen in the near future. Belichick is not a fan of social media and Hudson will probably respect this.

The 50-year age gape may be an issue for some, but Belichick and Hudson have found a way to make this relationship work.