Insider Says LeBron James Is Pushing Lakers To Make 2 Major Moves

The Los Angeles Lakers entered a really important offseason. The front office is expected to make a few major moves and one of these two includes LeBron James. He will have to make a decision on his player option and a lot of things will change if LeBron decides to pick it up. Will the Lakers front office let him go? Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson got LeBron on the first day of his free agency in 2018. He won a title with the team, but nothing changed in the meantime. LeBron is a winner and the Lakers haven’t won too many titles lately.

If LeBron declines his player option, he will be able to test the open market. Finding a home in the NBA won’t be that hard for him.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes that LeBron is actually pushing his team to make two major moves.

“LeBron James is trying to get the Los Angeles Lakers to draft Bronny James with a second-round pick,” Smith said on the May 13 episode of “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” “He’d also like for JJ Redick to be his next head coach. … Now, that doesn’t mean the Lakers want JJ Redick, it doesn’t mean they don’t. … But it’s all over the news about him being a candidate for the Lakers job.”

Redick has a chance to get the coaching job in LA. However, analysts don’t really think that the Lakers could use a top pick to get Bronny. They can definitely use a second-round pick though.

LeBron may not be trying to affect the Lakers

The Lakers are looking for a head coach, but LeBron doesn’t really have a big say in this one. That’s what his agent, Rich Paul, said when asked about it.

“LeBron is not involved,” Paul told Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes in a May 24 interview. “That’s accurate. I think it’s hard for people to not want a narrative per se. There’s a lot of false narratives out there. There’s a lot of narratives that they feel like we drive, which I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t pay attention to that anymore. I think the people that know if I have something to say, I’ll say it directly.”

A lot of changes will take place this summer and the Lakers could embrace a totally different approach in 2024.