Lakers’ LeBron James Delivers Message After Terrence Shannon Jr. Found Not Guilty

Illinois basketball guard Terrence Shannon Jr. was found not guilty of rape and aggravated sexual assault and LeBron James had an expected reaction. The police arrested Shannon in December and he had a one-week trial in Kansas. Shannon enjoyed full support from the Illinois basketball program and fans. LeBron and many other players voiced their support for Shannon.

“To my Young [King emoji], Terrance Shannon Jr! Love and Salute you! Proud of you!! God is Good!” James said. “The apologies should be 30X louder than the hate he got but we know how it goes. Anyways back to the regular scheduled program. Great days ahead!”

Shannon’s private life took an unexpected turn after his arrest. The Illinois basketball program suspended him and launched an investigation. The talented player returned to the basketball court after six games. He also joined the team during the national tournament. There wasn’t enough evidence against him and Shannon moved on with his schedule.

LeBron stands by Shannon Jr., the guard pleads innocent

Shannon penned a 1,300-word letter to the University of Illinois’ student-athlete conduct panel. He wrote about his innocence and offered details of the whole case. The Illinois guard turned himself in on Dec.28 and got out on a $50,000 bail.

“As to the criminal charges against me, I am declaring my innocence, as I did back in September,” a part of the letter wrote by Shannon to the university.. “I have totally cooperated with that process and will continue to do so. While I appreciate my lawyers and their ability to fight the case in court, I know that the criminal justice system takes time. So my day in court will not come about for a long time, most likely long after the NBA Draft, and I may not be cleared of the charges until it’s too late.

“The harm that I will suffer from an immediate suspension can never be undone, and I will never have this opportunity to further my collegiate career or fulfill my lifelong dream to play in the NBA,” Shannon continued. “Going forward, I want nothing more than to play basketball for the University of Illinois, and I remain hopeful that my due process rights will be honored and allow for a full reinstatement while this case is pending.”