Lakers’ LeBron James Expected To Decline Player Option For No-Trade Clause

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has to make a deal on his player option this summer. There are a couple of realistic scenarios regarding his next move and many believe that he will actually opt out of his current deal. Dan Favale from Bleacher Report discussed this option and even added that LeBron will probably try to get a no-trade clause in his deal.

“So, why opt out and sign a new deal for less overall money? To keep pressure on the Lakers front office to make moves over the offseason? To genuinely explore his other options? Give ‘First Take’ more LeBron James content? Any of the above reasons could apply. In my head, they won’t,” Favale wrote in a June 13 story predicting offseason moves for five players. “Opting out will be all about joining the Bradley Beal club: getting a no-trade clause.”

LeBron to make the best decision on his player option

If LeBron gets a no-trade clause in his new deal, he will be able to block any trade offers for him. This would give LeBron a chance to pick his next destination. The four-time NBA champion can definitely get this option, because, of course, he is the greatest basketball player of all time. 

“Only players with at least eight years of experience who have logged four-plus seasons with their current team are eligible for no-trade clauses,” Favale wrote. “LeBron comfortably meets that criteria. And because no-trade clauses cannot be negotiated into extensions for contracts that don’t already have them, opting out and signing a new deal is the only way for him to get one.”

The Lakers front office wouldn’t have any issues giving LeBron a no-trade clause. He seems to be determined to finish his career as a Lakers player. He also wanted to play with his oldest son Bronny. One thing stands for sure. If LeBron wants to take his greatness somewhere else, the no-trade clause would give him the perfect opportunity. The Cleveland Cavaliers gave him a no-trade clause in 2016 and the Lakers will probably do the same.