Lakers’ LeBron James Trashes Car Company For Massive Lie

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James fancies a good ride, but doesn’t like when a car company lies about their sponsorship.

The four-time NBA champion has a lot going on right now. He has a player option to take into consideration. LeBron has to make a decision on his free agency these days. His son is also entering the NBA Draft. However, LeBron still finds time to focus on all the things that happen around him.

The latest situation LeBron got involved goes all the way to a car dealership. The Lakers superstar didn’t like the fact that his name was mentioned in a big lie. LeBron will always condemn liars who try to earn money by mentioning his name.

“Congratulations King James for trusting Effortless Motors,” read a recent post. The photo featured a Bugatti luxury vehicle and LeBron’s name.

“Stop the (cap emoji)! LIARS!” LeBron wrote in his Instagram stories. “I don’t know y’all, and I don’t have that car. CLOUT CHASERS.”

Message understood. LeBron was loud and clear in this one. He works with a bunch of great companies, but this one is not on his list.

LeBron works with another car company

LeBron has an excellent collection of cars and he likes treating himself once in a while. According to multiple sources, he has a $4.5 million car collection. LeBron can definitely afford the car rides he owns because he earns millions of dollars each year. His NBA contracts and endorsement deals keep adding to his net worth.

If you are interested in brands, LeBron owns a Chevy Camaro SS, Dodge CHallnger SRT8 392, Hummer H2, Kia K900, Mercedes-Maybach S650, and a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.

When it comes to his other interests, LeBron will try to add another ring to his portfolio. The Lakers will increase the likelihood of accomplishing this by hiring a new head coach. Sources close to the franchise claim that LeBron is in no way related to the search.